Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1. Basic provisions. BIDS.AZ (hereinafter - the platform) undertakes to keep your privacy on the Internet. This Privacy Policy is about the collection, procession and storage of your personal data. This platform attaches high priority to protecting the personal information of users. By using the platform, the user agrees to the application of the rules for the collection and use of the data set forth in this document.

2. Information.

2.1 Information collected. The platform collects the following data about the users of the site:

                ● Full name

                ● E-mail address

                ● Phone number


2.2 Use of information. Here are some ways to use the user's personal information:

               ● to provide information and services that the user requests;

               ● to respond to user requests.

2.3 Storage of information. The platform stores your personal information for the duration of the activity of your user account or for the time necessary to provide you with services. We can store personal information even after deactivating your user account and / or stopping the use of any specific services, to the extent necessary for the performance of our legal duties, for resolving disputes with users of the platform, preventing fraud and abuse, execution of our agreements and protection of our legitimate interests.

2.4 Information disclosure. The platform does not transfer the user's personal data to third parties without the user's consent. The platform reserves the right to delete invalid accounts or accounts with forged names and registration data.

3. Advertising messages. By providing your email address or any other contact information (for example, your phone number or username on the social network), you agree to receive promotional messages, messages or calls from the platform staff. Accordingly, the platform employees have the right to call or send you mailings or messages via e-mail, SMS, personal text messages, make marketing calls or use similar forms communication. If you do not want to receive such advertisements or calls, you can notify the platform at any time, or follow the instructions on unsubscribing contained in the advertisements you received.

4. Security. The platform has adopted security measures designed to protect the personal information that you share with us, including physical, electronic and procedural measures. Among other things, the platform offers secure access to most of our services using the HTTPS protocol; transfer of confidential payment information (for example, a credit card number) through our specially designed forms that are protected by an encrypted connection of the industry standard SSL / TLS. The platform also regularly monitors the system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks, and is constantly looking for new solutions to improve the security of our services.

5. Terms of use.

5.1 The platform asks users to avoid conflict situations and other violations, which can lead to undesirable consequences. In case this happens, the platform, having analyzed the situation, undertakes to act appropriately to prevent such actions henceforth.

5.2 This Privacy policy, its interpretation, and any claims and disputes related to this instrument are regulated, interpreted and executed only and exclusively in accordance with the basic internal laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Hereby, you agree that any claims and disputes shall be resolved only by a competent court located in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

6. Deleting an account. You can request the removal of your Personal Information from our blogs, communities or forums by contacting us by email.